Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Double Trouble

Update: okay, I was three glasses of wine in when I wrote this last night. :) I might have opened a can of worms by challenging the world to a crazy-off.
Spent another unfortunately sobering night of helping a kid learn to make it to the toilet before tossing his cookies. Turns out Eli's technique for making it to the toilet is to wake up, yell frantically MOMMY and run like crazy into the bathroom. Hoping to get him to just run like crazy and forget the yelling part.

Have I mentioned we have two..TWO...count 'em ahhhhh TWO almost-four-year in our house? LIVING there. Day in, day out. Energy is an understatement. Seriously folks, even total strangers will say they hope for a (as in SINGULAR) girl after brief encounters with my boys. Now I know girls can be wild too, but I challenge you to a crazy-off with Charlie and Eli. I will win. I will. Hands down.


Anonymous said...

Two sounds like TWO too many for me. Yikes!


Katie said...

I'm think my two could give you a run for the money, but I'm pretty sure I should just concede already.

Although I think Garrett would easily win the "Drama Queen" award. She can pout and throw a fit like it's nobody's business. My only saving grace is that she can just as quickly turn it off!

Joey said...

Jory once told me a story about someone at ICHG who has a son that wanted to go "commando" in preschool! Then after he was told to go get dressed with underwear on, she walks in and finds him wearing a sock, just a sock covering you know what. LOL!
Was that Katie's son? or Maybe Wendy? I don't know...anyone remember?

ps Regina...Sounds like you need to borrow one of our kennels to contain some of that energy ;)
Although the boys look like they've grown a foot so they might need both our kennels. HA HA!

MLC said...

So sorry to hear that the boys have the stomach flu!

Katie said...

I'll answer Joey right now and say, no, it was not my son who put a sock over know... But I think that's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your blog has really taken off! I'm impressed. Barfing? OOOOHHHH NOOOOOOOOO

Anonymous said...

P.S. that last one was from me...CARA