Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Day!

The boys were so excited for Easter. Eli would say "after I nap, and then nap again, and then nap again...then will it be Easter Day?" They must have been talking about Easter at school because I wasn't placing any special emphasis on it and was confused by their enthusiasm. It was the candy in the eggs that sealed the deal...someone told them there would be candy.

Anyway, the boys loved the egg hunt so much. After the first hunt they reminisced about where they'd found each egg. "Remember how (10 minutes ago) I found a yellow egg in the strawberry plants...remember that?" Noooo. Let's do a recap of where each egg was. So they did. I hid all the eggs a second time later in the day and Eli was actually hassling me about why I didn't hide eggs in places where he'd found them the first go around. Sheesh kid! I can't win for winning.

So here's a picture of the boys from Easter. It is not a good picture. I just cannot believe how big they look here. In fact, Eli already looks like a mopey adolescent. Their hair is getting all crazy. If all the sassing and misbehaving wasn't a sign that my babies are no longer babies, this picture sure raised a flag for me.

And because I'm almost always the one behind the camera I asked Robby to take pictures so I could actually be in some. Robby said there was shade on my face after he took them, but I didn't think too much about it and figured I wouldn't be squinting. My face is TOTALLY shaded...but I'm in the picture and so are the boys so I technically got what I asked for.

And that's a new shirt. I love it! I feel like a stick of gum in it. If I had my Birks on I'd totally be Peppermint Patty!



MLC said...

I was thinking the same thing - that Eli looked like a teenager in the first picture.

I like your stripes.

Katie said...

OMG, your boys are growing up so fast! They do look like teenagers.

And I know what you mean about always being behind the camera. My kids will grow up wondering "Why wasn't mom with us?" Um, I was, you just can't see me! Bob will get all the glory for taking the kids to so many fun places.

Joey said...

I totally SAID they looked like little teenagers in the email I sent you...that's crazy!

As the photographer in our house, I sometimes remember to turn the camera around on myself in front of whatever location/backgroung just to prove I was there. But I hate photos of myself anyway so I guess it works out in my case.

ps I finally signed up for twitter just yesterday so it's funny to see you are on twitter as well.
I'm following you scared?

Joey said...

oops...I mean ARE you scared not re.

Danilo Celic said...

Strolling in from the Chicago area...

Sounds like the egg hunt was fun for the boys. Enough of you in front of the camera, more pictures of the boys!! :-p

Can't wait to see them (and I guess you) in a couple of months.

- Uncle Lillo

Heather M. said...

Hey! Didn't Jeff used to call you Peppermint Patty? Your kids look mopier than the mopey teenagers I do know!

Holly Child said...

hahahaha....Peppermint Patti!!
Your boys do look big! Olivia's only 2 months younger than them, and she still seems little to me! LOL! ;o) Glad you had a good Easter, and that you explained your drinking with that last post! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Boy howdy, you're right. They look so much older in that picture for some reason. Maybe it's the way Eli is all hunched over like a teenager who just can't be bothered to use correct posture. Lou totally busted us on the whole Easter Bunny myth. He came downstairs to get his blankie and saw Bill fillin' up the baskets. Oh well. At least we still have Santa.--Cara