Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tonsils A Go Go

I thought I’d post the full story on Robby’s surgery to get his tonsils out since it was such a big event for us this month. Background: Robby had been suffering from regular sore throats and it was getting annoying. He went to an Ear/Nose/Throat doctor who took one look at his tonsils and said ‘those are some of the ugliest tonsils I’ve ever seen!’ The surgery was scheduled.

Of course we were both nervous about it…the anesthesia, the sore throat that WILL be coming, etc. My mom came over to watch the boys for the day and we headed up to the hospital. Without the camera, of course! I’m still annoyed with myself for that. The check-in process was smooth and no delays. Next it was surgery prep which I knew would involve an IV and me and needles are arch enemies…let alone needles that stay for a visit and don’t leave immediately! I couldn’t watch. Off to surgery he went and off to the waiting area I went. Got caught with the most fabulous vacation spots on earth thanks to National Geographic Adventurer magazine.

The doctor came in and said everything went great! I was so happy. About an hour later Robby came out of recovery talking…words…coming out of his mouth. I was shocked. He then made phone calls to his folks. Again with the talking thing. I thought he wouldn't be able to talk for a while. I went and got some prescriptions filled, which included a large amount of Percocet and we both thought there was NO WAY he would get through it (silly us.) We left the hospital and Robby wants to get Crown Burger. First talking, now Crown Burger? I’m confused. This is going way better than expected! My mom said it was the shot of Demerol…the affects of surgery haven’t hit him yet. Robby even told me that maybe I didn’t need to take full days off work!

After a day or so of semi-normal behavior he started acting sick and tired. It’s a good thing I didn’t go back to work. The Percoset made him loopy. He would have moments where he wanted to do something crazy like mow the lawn and then he’d be down for the count. Perfect timing for watching the Olympics. Next thing you know his uvula (dangly thing in the back of your throat) grew to a very abnormal size. It was practically choking him and thus began the sleepless nights. The back of his throat was also covered in a white film…maybe you can just imagine it since I don’t have pics.

I had to go to Charleston, so I left him to fend for himself with the boys for a few days. Our good friends Susan and Koji brought dinner over one night, my mom brought it the next night. Thanks so much! Now I can’t remember what they did the third night I was gone. Anyway, they all survived and I got home just in time for Robby to return to work. The next two weeks were difficult for Robby due to side effects of the pain pills and gigantic uvula induced insomnia and being back to work. No sleep + work + kids = crabby Robby.

He's finally feeling good and is sleeping again. It’s such a relief. And thus ends the tonsil story. Sorry no pics.

I do, however, have some cute pics of our friends from the Philippines, A and Josh, during their visit to Salt Lake City in June. The boys LOVED them and loved the combo pizza Josh got at Costco and loved visiting them at their hotel room! I’m throwing in a bonus pic of myself and A in the office for fun.


Katie said...

My brother had his tonsils removed not too long ago and he was just like Robby - felt great for a little bit and then BAM! miserable. But now that it's over and done with and healed, he's feeling much, MUCH better overall. It was worth the pain and suffering.

Holly Child said...

Jeff got his tonsils out the day after her proposed to me. He was a horrible whiny and mean, like a 3 year old. I remember telling him that it was a good thing that he proposed to me before he got his tonsils out or else I would have said No!! hahaha! Your hair is so long in that picture!

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