Friday, May 16, 2008

An Innocent Case of Crabs

The boys recently got crazy robot hands and crabs in a special delivery from Jackie. That's right, crabs...and robot hands. It's weird how well they work together. 

They were outside playing with the crabs and were chucking them in trees and on roofs, you know the most inconvenient of places to get them down from. I quickly tired of retrieving the and wanted to gather them up so they don't 'lose' them again. Being the jokester I am around my mostly socially conservative neighbors I said in a booming voice "give me your crabs!" Two neighbor friends were in the yard with me and were all "seriously Regina!?! They love me...or figure I'm not leaving anytime so they'll play along with the crazy girl next door.

So as I'm writing this, Charlie is throwing something all around the office and I ask him to stop throwing whatever it is. He said "it's not something to's just a crab. It's just a crab Mommy." Hmmm. I guess that's kid rationale for ya.

Okay, so here are some random photos where the boys are not showing you their crabs!

Here's Charlie & Eli wearing hats that friends Kyle and Eli gave them. Their mom, Beth, told Eli he could have the dino hat if he promised he'd always wear it that way (that is, backwards) and he agreed. And here's proof he's keeping his word.

This is what I found goin down under Eli's cover one night recently. This is his all-time favorite thing to do. I've heard from grown boys that this is to be expected to continue to be an all-time favorite thing to do. 
When he was still in diapers we'd tease and call him DIAPER DIGGER, DIAPER DIGGER! We're like playground bullies with our own kids! Heaven help us. Diaper Digger may need therapy at some point for the hassling he's receiving.

The next two are for Jackie. Robby took these during your visit to the park in April. The cats at the park are kind of cute in a disturbing kind of way. The boys like to sit on their heads.

Eli, Charlie, and their BFF Zach eating popsicles on the front porch tonight. Charlie squeezes his out too far almost every time and ends up losing about a quarter of his treat. 
Zach was running and fell and his popsicle splatted ALL OVER his face. Turns out Orange Dream ain't so dreamy in your eyes. He looked like he'd been slimed. And the fact that he was wailing inconsolably until I could get him wiped a little only enhanced the experience for everyone.

And lastly, here's Charlie doing his best Hot Lips Houlihan. Still happy because this is before he lost his Cherry Melon treat.

Have a great weekend!  We'll be tilling the garden with 'our' new community tiller. The dream of time-share tiller ownership is now a reality. Woot! 


Katie said...

Gotta love gettin' crabs, man.

I LOVE the cute dino hat!

Danilo Celic said...

I think that Charlie has learned some of the persnickety Celic way of letting folks know that they are technically right, no matter what they are doing wrong. :-)

We saw those weird cats when we were out in SLC back in January, I'm glad to see they aren't scaring the kids away.

More pictures of the boys please!

Cara said...

WAHHHH HA HA HA That pic of Eli cracked me up so bad. Lou and Hen of course are big fans of their penis' and we always tell them, if you're gonna play with yourself, do it in PRIVATE. One of the boys I used to nanny did that and the mom had me yelling "HANDS UP!" to him when I saw it and he'd whip his hands up in the air and get that deer-in-the-headlights look on his face. That kid is gonna have issues.

Annalyn said...

I’m behind on my blog-reading. Shame on me! 

I love the pics of the boys – especially the dinosaur hat! Hahaha!

Community tiller? First there was the community garden and now this! Are you part of a cult? If not, maybe you should start one. You could call yourself the Cult-ivators. Ooooh... I crack myself up!

Speaking of vegetables….once they are ready to pick, be sure to bring any unwanted veggies into work.