Friday, April 18, 2008

Pony Boy

Charlie Pony Boy Morehead
When the boys' hair gets long they just love to have their hair done up. Especially Charlie. They even want to sleep with the pony and they like to check themselves out in the mirror. I think they may be more in touch with their inner girl than I am! I try not to look too hard or too closely and just hope for the best!

They've since gone to the 'haircut store' as they called it and got their mops cut off. With their new do's people say they can now tell them apart -or- now they can't tell them apart. I suggest people just wait a second or two and one of them will do something crazy and we'll yell at them. Then you'll know who's who.

Oh, and these are the jammies that Charlie picked out at Costco. He LOVES them and he keeps track of where they are in the laundry cycle so he can plan his evening.


Katie said...

Those jammies are super cute, I don't blame him for planning his evenings around them.

Holly Child said...

Seriously, are frickin' hilarious!! And when I first pulled up your blog and took a quick glance at the picture I thought, "Who's that little girl?!" So funny! :o)

Joey said...

I miss the mops already and I didn't even see them in person. Oh well, they'll grow back.

Super cute!

Danilo Celic said...

I'm telling GiGi that you're going to outside help for the hair cuts. I'm sure she'll be devastated. ;-)

They looks super cute no matter the length of their hair.

Cara said...

Charlies hair and jammers are in such juxtaposition to the hardass expression on his face.