Friday, April 4, 2008

Because I Did

This week the boys have been challenging. I'm trying to keep my cool, but my cool is wearing thin, what with Eli artfully painting mud on the car mere hours after Robby washed it and Charlie peeing on the bathroom floor at the gym (among many, MANY other things.) When asked why they choose to do these things their answer is invariably 'because I did.' It's straightforward in an almost genius kind of way. Because I did. I've taken to it as my answer to them and it's great. You should give it a try.

To add extra annoyance to the mix, when one is getting in trouble the other one enthusiastically points out that "I didn't pee on the floor Mommy, I didn't." Great, thanks for letting me know what a perfect angel you were for those 2.5 seconds of the day while your brother was taking a leak on the floor.

People will say this is typical 3yr old stuff, and surely it is, but with the two of them going at it hour after hour it's simply wearing. I often wonder how the human race has continued as long as it has. Why people, after experiencing a 3yr old, could possibly and purposefully choose to do it all over again. Probably because for a good amount of human existence peeing on the floor was just what you did and no one got time out for it.


MLC said...

The boys are just too clever. Because I'm their aunt, though, I can still say that they are my favorite nephews. My only nephews, but they are still my favorite.

btw, I am looking forward to sitting on the new patio set and enjoying some of Gigi's mac and cheese this June. I'll barter with a Jell-O poke cake.

Holly Child said...

Oh my! hahahaha!! How I CAN'T wait until Alex turns 3! Blah... :p

Joey said...

You can ship them down to auntie Joey and uncle Jory's anytime! Mazzy and Jimi can teach them to pee outside or on a potty pad LOL! I kid' I kid'.

Regina said... careful what you ask for! We take people up on offers and believe me, they're no day in the park. Well, maybe a day in the park will wild, crazed animals!

Anonymous said...

I peed in the shower the other day. It was the very first time I had ever done such a thing and I gotta say, it was very liberating. I had to go really bad and I just didn't feel like getting out of the shower. Wait. did Charlie pee in the shower at the health club or on the floor? Melissa, I LOVE strawberry poke cake--Cara